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Last day at home

I am married and now I usually visit my parents once a year regardless how much I stay the times flies in a pinch. Even if you stay 10 days you feel you stay only 2 days properly and have not spent sufficient time with pa and maa because rest of the days gone intoContinue reading “Last day at home”

Mornings like…

Morning like this fills your heart with new hope and courage.. The Sun and its shining yellow glow falling on all over… making us to soak… its power.. its spirit.. and life… How wonder ! its perceptiveness to hug us all in its illumination without favouritism… And the doom & dark we feel inside onContinue reading “Mornings like…”


Like the sun is rising everyday, arousing a hope of new path.. lost and perplexed soul urging for a steady hours.. lets drive and ride through a dense mushy forest.. Dancing in the tunes of wild breeze.. Searching and finding.. the place of your dream.. You belong to this place.. the place of light.. theContinue reading “Bewildered”

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